Solaris DTX Heat Transfer Fluid (10L tubs)

Solaris, By Hydratech

Specially formulated for use in Solar Thermal Heating Systems, Solaris DTX  delivers all the advantages of Ethylene Glycol in a non-toxic solution. Specifically;


  • More efficient heat transfer

  • Easier to pump, especially at low temperatures

  • Less volume for the same freeze protection

  • Lowest cost per litre

  • Available in 10ltr Tubs


  - Offering protection down to -55°C


  - Tested and classified as Non-Toxic

Optimum Flow

  - Lower Dynamic Viscosity. Higher Thermal Conductivity


  - Contains scale and biological inhibitors to minimise fouling

  - Prevent sludge precipitation and scale formation.


  - Readily biodegradable (90% over ten days)

Quality Assured

  - Manufactured to ISO9001-2008 procedures.

Weight 11kg

 Solaris DTX- Data Sheet