Replacement Pump- HE Wilo Yonos Para ST 15/7 PWM

Product code: SP-P-157-YONOS
Due to new European ERP Directives, all pumps must now be of the high efficiency type, for solar thermal this means advanced speed control must be applied, for this reason our new replacements for standard pumps are the ones below.
Glandless circulation pump with a cast iron pump housing and threaded. EC-motor with automatic power adjustment and self-protecting modes. Operation via external PWM signal.
Mechanical design dedicated for solar thermal applications.
This pump can only be controlled via a suitable controller with PWM/0-10v control, if your controller only has standard triac speed control you will need to add a Resol Basic PSW signal converter. (related products below)

Circulation in solar thermal systems in the medium temperature range of -10 °C to +110 °C with short peaks of 140 °C.
Special features / product benefits
  • Externally controlled via PWM signal
  • Self-protecting modes
  • Designed for optimised integration
Brand Wilo
Code SP-P-157-YONOS
Weight 3kg
  Data Sheet- Replacement Pump- Wilo Yonos Para ST 15/7 PWM