16kW Air to Water LG Therma V R32 Monobloc

Product code: HP-LG-TV-16

16kW Air to Water LG Therma V R32 Monobloc:

The latest version of the Therma V Monobloc features the highly efficient R32 refrigerant that offers unparalleled performance.

It also features a plate heat exchanger, expansion tank and a Grundfos water pump. The new unit has a higher capacity due to the choice of refrigerant along with a lower GWP, when compared to R410a. 

The latest unit has a 5 to 6dB lower sound power level than previous models and incorporates a number of additional new features including a new type scroll compressor, designed and manufactured by LG Electronics with ‘wet vapour’ injection. The unit has excellent performance at low ambient temperatures – 100% at -7°C.

LG units offer quicker response times for the provision of heating and cooling by sensing not only the temperature but also pressure – a pressure control sensor provides a faster and more accurate response, reducing the time delay for implementing heating or cooling commands significantly. The addition of pressure control enables the Therma V Monobloc to take less time to reach the desired temperatures, with up to 30% quicker response in cooling and 44% quicker response in heating, with a high level of accuracy and stability built in.

New Scroll Type Compressor
The new Monobloc units incorporate a new Scroll Type Compressor with a seasonal efficiency improvement of 7% over the previous rotary compressor. The new scroll type compressor is one that combines the high efficiency, low noise characteristics of the scroll compressor with the stable compressing structure of a rotary compressor, in one unit. Taking the benefits from both the scroll and rotary compressors, LG’s new Scroll Type compressor has been optimised for various cooling and heat load operations – low load at low speed, and low noise at high speed – ensuring efficiency increases and comfort improves. The new compressor incorporates new technology developed by LG – wet vapour injection. This is to control the high discharge temperature of the compressor efficiently, bringing it down from 160 to below 110°C, resulting in an expanded heating operation range and enhancing the unit’s performance at low ambient temperatures.

Black fin coating
The heat exchangers are coated in LG’s Ocean Black Fin epoxy resin coating, designed to perform well in highly corrosive environments such as contaminated or humid conditions. This ensures longer lifespan and lower operational costs for the units, as well as contributing to reliability in a system.

New intuitive controller
The new 4.3” coloured LCD display has a premium appearance. The interface displays simple graphics, icons and text for intuitive control and as a result doesn’t require a manual. Up to 30 events can be set for each system. For the installer, the controller has various functions for data logging, including operational history, error reports as well as operation status amongst many others.

The second heating circuit control allows the system to automatically change its target temperature in heating mode in order to avoid unnecessary ‘mixing down’ of the hot water. This energy saving feature can reduce the running cost of the heating system.

The new controller also allows for third party boiler control, allowing far easier integration and control of secondary heat sources that may be part of the system being installed.

Smart ThinQ
LG has a mobile connectivity package called ThinQ – an app that connects to home appliances. ThinQ enables monitoring of a home from virtually anywhere in the world. This includes controlling, viewing energy consumption, or sending operational data to your service engineer. Air conditioning and heating systems are fully accessible with just the touch of a button from an app. Discovering the convenience of a truly connected life is the way many people want to be living – ensuring their homes are always cool enough or warm enough when they walk through the door at the end of the day or when arriving back from a business trip or a holiday. This innovative smart home technology is changing the way people run their homes, while taking the efficiency and convenience of their appliances to new heights.

The new LG AWHP Monobloc unit makes it possible to incorporate standard boilers and or solar panels in the heating and cooling system design, allowing for a truly innovative and economical heating and hot water system.

Brand LG Electronics
Code HP-LG-TV-16
Weight 96kg